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Jersey Critical Care Survivors is a local charity officially given charitable status in March 2020. The charity was set up by one of the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit at Jersey General Hospital.

The charity aims to support patients that have survived a critical illness. Many patients who have been critically ill continue to suffer from ongoing problems after they have been discharged from intensive care. These problems can be physical, psychological and cognitive.

  • 1 in 5 survivors suffer from PTSD

  • up to 60% of survivors suffer from psychological problems

  • 30-50% have intensive care acquired weakness

  • up to 80% may suffer with cognitive problems (problems with - memory loss, attention span, problem-solving skills, organisation skills

The charity aims to provide support for patients during recovery from critical illness through providing services, equipment and education. So that patients can return to how life was before they became critically ill.

Recovery from serious illness is hard! We believe that nobody should follow this path alone! 

Our Mission

Our Mission

A world where every critical care survivor is living and working to their full potential. Living should not just be about surviving.

Jogging in Sunset
Senior Physiotherapy

Our Vision

Helping survivors of critical illness and their families to recover both physically and mentally and support them moving forward in their recovery.

We Need Your Support Today!

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