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The Full Story

Louise Double

In June 2018 Louise's liver stopped functioning after giving birth to her daughter Amelia.  Believed to be HELP syndrome, this one-in-million illness led to a full liver transplant just nine days later. 



Following the liver failure, Louise's body went in to shut down starting with her Kidneys. To keep her alive she was put on dialysis until she was airlifted by the Royal Airforce to King Collage Hospital Lindon. Louise regained consciousness two weeks later with a new liver and a new baby.  


Although it doesn't seem like it, there is a life after critical care.  As Louise regained her strength she identified a few post sickness memory issues, PICS and a good dose of PTSD and anxiety. Three and a half years on, Louise is feeling strong and mentally ready to take on the world. She now helps other ex-critical care patients at the JCCS as an Ambassador.  

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