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'It saved my life': Jersey Critical Care Survivors charity helps islanders rebuild their lives

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

An intensive care nurse in Jersey has set up a charity to support people leaving intensive care.

The Jersey Critical Care Survivors charity wants to raise £50,000 a year to help people with their recovery after being in intensive care.

Holly Fisher, a nurse who set up the charity, says support should not end after a patient leaves the intensive care ward.

"Working in intensive care is amazing and seeing people survive in intensive care admission is also amazing but we always want to do more for our patients and we don't just want them to survive in intensive care admission, we want to see them living their normal lives and enjoying their lives. So it's not just about surviving for us, it's about providing extra care and support."

Holly Fisher, Intensive Care Nurse

Two patients who have benefitted from follow up appointments after being in intensive care are Paul Williams and Jacqueline Jepson from Jersey.

Paul ended up with Weil's disease, sepsis, and multi organ failure. Jacqueline also had sepsis, along with pneumonia and a collapsed lung.

They both said that without the care they received in intensive care, they would not be here today.

"I wouldn't be here without them, they were just brilliant. You know not many people survive intensive care."

Paul Williams, intensive care patient

"They were absolutely amazing the care was fantastic, my family were kind of ushered into another room and told it might be the worst outcome, so the next few hours would be important. I just can't thank them enough."

Jacquelin Jepson, intensive care patient

Jacqueline has decided to help the charity that helped save her life. She is cycling five kilometres a day throughout June for the Jersey Critical Care Survivors Charity.

She has set up a crowdfunding page where she is raising money to support former critical care patients.

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