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Temperatures of 34+ degrees didn’t deter our volunteers!

This year see’s the charity’s first big high-profile event, when we were delighted to be able to man all of the ticket booths at Jerseys 120th Battle of Flowers on 18/19-August.

Most charities plan these events a good while in advance, however we were invited just a few weeks before & so, thanks to family & friends, nurses & doctors & a couple of ex-patients we pulled together a team of 20 who did an awesome job!

Temperatures of 34+ degrees & a touch of heat stroke here & there didn’t deter our volunteers who did a great job of raising the profile for the charity, handing out leaflets & chatting to lots of interested people about what we do & are hoping to do!

The first of many events, we hope, filled with smiles & laughter & really great people. Thanks to everyone who supported us on the day & of course everyone who donated to this worthwhile cause.

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